Electronic Cribbage Board

New Twist On an Age-Old Game Connects Friends and Family Together Like Never Before


Invented in the 17th century, Cribbage continues to be one of the most popular games in the world. When friends and family want to spend time together, cribbage is one of the first games that they reach for. It’s easy to understand why: it’s a fun game with simple rules that people of all ages quickly pick up.


In the past, the only drawback to cribbage has been the small pegs on the traditional cribbage board that often break or get lost. There is also the issue of the tiny holes along the cribbage tracks that are sometimes difficult to count when you are keeping score, especially for elderly players with poor eyesight.


Not any more!


“The Electronic Cribbage board provides a new twist on an age-old game, making it the ‘hands-down favorite’ amongst Cribbage players new and old.”


With the new Electronic Cribbage board, there are no pegs and all of the scoring is now done for you!


The sleek, lightweight design still gives you the same feel as a regular cribbage board with no separate parts to lose or break, making it even more convenient to take to the cabin, on an airplane or even to play at home.


Players love how the Electronic Cribbage board lights up as they race each other to the finish line. Scoring is easier, making game play faster and even more fun. This is not your grandfather’s cribbage board!


The board itself can also be customized to include a company logo or personal message, making it an ideal gift that will be actively enjoyed for many years.


Cribbage is a game that brings people together. Enjoy the gift of connection today with the Electronic Cribbage board!

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